Do you want fuller pipelines, more and better quality leads and sales opportunities, more executive level meetings, faster close times and higher win rates?

Sales and sales management is getting harder. Sales leaders, sales people – and their prospects – are overwhelmed, overworked and struggling.

Our research and that of organisations like CSO Insights show this leads to: 

  1. More than 50% of sales people missing quota
  2. Difficulty getting the attention of overwhelmed prospects
  3. Fewer leads
  4. Poor quality leads
  5. Inadequate qualification
  6. Empty sales pipelines
  7. Sales pipelines full of deals that will never close
  8. Combating the status quo and “do nothing” syndrome
  9. Initial meetings that go nowhere
  10. Long close times
  11. Low win rates/leads to wins ratios
  12. Selling at too low a level
  13. Failing to get access at executive level
  14. Failing to engage early enough in the buying process
  15. Inaccurate forecasting
  16. Cutting through the white noise with overwhelmed prospects
  17. Difficulty winning new customers
  18. Selling less to existing customers
  19. High customer churn
  20. Ineffective or non-existent coaching of sales people
  21. Training that doesn’t stick and isn’t used effectively
  22. High turnover of sales people

Executive Sales Forum International helps Sales Leaders, Teams and Executives  solve those issues and  win new customers, sell more to existing customers and exceed their targets using a combination of:


Specific, tailored training programs and workshops focused on those areas that give you the most rapid results, from our founders and members of our Expert Community


90% of information learned on a training course is forgotten within 30 days unless it is reinforced. Ongoing coaching and reinforcement ensures your sales teams will use and benefit from the customised teachings and objectives from the training.

We also provide ongoing coaching on a monthly and ad hoc basis as required.


Every company is different, every customer is different. Our consulting ensures your sales processes, training, targeting and other areas are specific to your own unique situation.

Peer Advisory groups

Other sales leaders around the world are facing the same challenges you are. Our exclusive online sales leader peer advisory group allows you to learn what has and hasn’t worked for your international peers and to share wisdom and ideas in a supportive, managed environment.

Expert Community of Internationally recognised Sales & Leadership Authorities

Our Expert Community drawn from the world’s leading sales and leadership authorities and authors ensures that we can find the best person to help in the areas that offer you the greatest potential for rapid progress.

If you want to work with a group of experienced international executives under the guidance of a leading Executive Coach to share ideas, explore different approaches, help each other, develop close relationships and gain inspiration from some of the leading sales and leadership thinkers on the globe – this may be for you.

Interested? Want to learn more? Contact us today.