Wayne has advised our business, and me personally, on a range of strategic and business development areas over a number of years and I have always found his advice to be based on solid experience, well considered and tailored to our real needs. He tells it like it is, so that can be confronting at times but he handles this with great skill and diplomacy, and trust me you need to hear it.
Peter Mehl; Director – Corporate Services at J. Wyndham Prince Pty Ltd

Wayne has been able to support us through a key phase of our business growth. We have benefited from his experience and knowledge during our time together. He has always brought clarity to our strategy and tough decisions
Raymond Kantor; General Manager at Shearwater Solutions

Wayne is a consummate senior sales executive; a professional who understands enterprise-level management expectations and delivers.
Grant Shatford; Consultant at Progress Technology Solutions

Wayne is a strategist and visionary. He gets to know his clients and their business, their industry and their operating environment and provides practical support and guidance. Wayne’s advice is built on years of experience so I find it inspiring and extremely value-adding.
Gabrielle Bongiorno; Executive Manager – Corporate Services at J. Wyndham Prince

Wayne is an innovator, and forward thinking professional. He understands the new business landscape, and with the unique content that he writes has helped me in a number of ways. He is a ‘Thought Leader’ and ‘Influencer’ and would recommend everyone to connect with him. His ability to understand your challenges by being a great listener is by far his best quality.
Sean P. McCauley; The Salem Group, USA

I have been associated with Wayne for many long years and have found him a delight to work with . Wayne is one of the most pragmatic and down to earth business consultants I have ever worked with. He is as honest and trustworthy as they come. His deep knowledge and experience means that the insight he brings to the table for his clients is invaluable. His long tenure with his many clients is testimony to that. They never want to let him get away.
Wayne is also an outstanding author having published great books an business, sales and sales leadership that are excellent handbooks for salespeople, sales managers and business people.
John Smibert; Founder, Sales Masterminds APAC, Australia

Wayne has a deep understanding of the challenges in B2B business development and sales. He understands the tried and true principles, and more importantly, how to apply and adapt these to the ever changing business landscape. I always appreciate a discussion with Wayne, it’s honest, frank and constructive – refreshing!
Vance Reavie; CEO, Junction AI, USA

Wayne is a most experienced, pragmatic and insightful Sales and Sales Leadership expert. He brought powerful strategies to help sales leaders improve their effectiveness in driving sales teams and sales revenue.
Dylis Guyan; Sales & Marketing Leader, Coach & Speaker, UK

Wayne brings fantastic knowledge and insight to his work with clients. He does his homework and goes over and above every time.
Jacqueline Brinkman; CEO, Economic Development Australia

Steve Hall is Australia’s leader in helping sales professionals gain access to the C-suite. I’ve known Steve for years, and he is highly intelligent and experienced in creating sales pipeline and managing opportunities. I recommend Steve’s services for anyone needing to improve sales.
Tony J Hughes: Managing Director, RSVP Selling, Australia

Steve’s ability to ask pertinent questions, drill down into the details when and where needed, and then create and execute an action plan, has been a great asset to our company.    Every review meeting is an exciting exchange of ideas, balanced challenge of views, and effective brainstorming activities. AND there is always a documented action plan to ensure buy-in and commitment to action by all.    So I can only but recommend Steve to any company seeking to accelerate its market development. He is great to work with, action orientated, open to new ideas and feedback – and he is the type of person you want to spend time with in any social environment.
Christophe DuMonet; Managing Director, Esker Australia

Steve is one of the most selfless people I know. And he and I are relatively new colleagues. Steve and I do similar work, we are both sales consultants. But while we are both seasoned as sales executives, I am not as tenured as Steve on the consulting side. On more than one occasion, Steve has taken time out of what I am sure is a very busy day to provide me some guidance and insights on and about the sales consulting space. He has extremely strong skills in C-Level executive selling and provides expert guidance to his clients. I know that I have benefited from his warmth, generosity and deep business and sales acumen. He is an awesome talent and individual, and I am a better person for having known him.
Tracy DeCicco, MBA; VP of Business Development, Litmus 7 Systems, USA

Anyone who has every worked with Steve knows one thing. He is hard working, skilled, dedicated and the kind of individual you want working for you.  If anyone ever wants to know more about Steve please feel free to contact me, we worked together for years and he was a pleasure to watch perform.  As President and CEO of IBS Americas, I was nothing short of amazed at Steve’s ability to get us into the largest and most prestigious accounts.  And then even more pleased to watch him handle the accounts and handle my staff so the deal was a complete success for both parties.
Barry Christian; CEO, OosoSharp, USA

Steve is one of the most dedicated persons I have ever worked with. Being part of a relatively small company (TMS) he managed to present his company and product as top world class.  In our relation he has always been trustworthy and reliable and pleasant to work with. Whenever there was a problem, Steve found the right solution and cooperation.
Jos Bruins; Owner, JIS Nederland BV, The Netherlands

Steve knows selling.   He’s the guy you need to talk to if you are trying to build a sales strategy, a sales plan or just trying to sell more yourself.   Steve is able to understand most businesses, he’s able to create a key selling proposition and he’s brilliant at creating a sales proposition and a scaleable process for the selling.    He’s really commercial, very easy to deal with and he delivers what he promises.   We worked with Steve on a telesales program.   He created the strategy, the sales material and managed the sales team.   The campaign over delivered.   That’s what you want from people who call themselves sales professionals.
Simon van Wyk; Head of Digital and e-Commerce, Autopact, Australia

The world is full of givers and takers; voluntary mentors are all givers. Steve employed me and took me under his wing almost two decades ago.  His words of wisdom resonate with me still.  Steve was always a bundle of energy, creative, diplomatic and professional. Most of all, I was inspired by his relentless pursuit of ethical win-win interactions.
Brian Brannigan; Regional Manager, Panomax, Australia

Steve and I are both members of the same Mastermind Group. I have learned enormous respect for Steve as he not only brings enormous experience and skill to his clients but he also understands the human psyche extremely well.   Steve’s focus is on targeting senior executives in large (often technology) companies with the right message and strategy.    Rather than teaching sales techniques Steve shows his clients how to help their prospects to buy from them. This is a subtle but distinct differentiation that Steve has the rare talent to master.  I recommend Steve to any sales organisation that wants to succeed in an increasingly hyper-competitive world.
Peter Strohkorb; General Manager, Australian Information Industry Association, Australia

I came to know Steve when he was appointed as Project Manager on a complex and diverse remediation project in the Northern Territory.  Steve was brought in midway through the project and, not only survived it, but won the respect of all consultants and clients involved.    He is thoughtful and considerate, with a wicked sense of humour and was quick to diffuse potential conflicts or simply to lighten the mood.    Steve was always willing to offer assistance where he could and developed an excellent rapport with clients and consultants alike.  He has a lively curiosity that makes him dissatisfied with superficial explanations.    I would expect Steve to bring these same qualities to any future projects he pursues.  That is, an openness to new, and often multi-faceted, solutions, a keen intelligence with which to analyse and an unusual ability for dealing with people at all levels and dispositions.    I would be happy, in fact, enthusiastic to work with Steve on future projects.
Cynthia Evans; Enterprise Architect, CGI, Australia

What can I say about Steve that I think is more interesting than the obvious, which is that he’s an experienced sales and marketing executive? Lots of people are experienced but Steve is also sane, witty, fun to work with and a mentally stimulating individual. Like many intelligent and creative people, he will challenge your ideas but this serves to lift the bar so that the end result is quality. Steve’s had so much experience locally and internationally that it doesn’t take him long to figure out what a business has to do in order to benefit from sound marketing practices and proven sales techniques. If you want to work with someone that’s more like a dash of red rather than a blob of grey…and comes with plenty of business wisdom, than I highly recommend Steve.
Edith Crnkovic, Content Strategist & Storyteller, CGI, Australia

Steve is an inspirational leader. I have worked with an array of managers and I felt especially motivated to deliver results for Steve. I was hired by Steve on the basis of a friend’s recommendation. Steve was well aware that my background had nothing to do with the job requirements. Yet he gave me a chance, mentored me and provided me with a platform to succeed. Personally Steve has been one of the most influential people in my career.    Steve has an amazing attribute of making people feel very comfortable around him. As I walked into the interview room, some time ago, I glanced upon this figure of authority. He shook my hands and gave me a warm welcome to the company. I felt at ease straight away during the interview. His sense of humour and amicable disposition made me feel I am definitely very fortunate to learn from him the ropes of business development and analysis.     I have not worked for a better manager in my career. The progression and knowledge I have gained is very much down to Steve’s mentorship.
Amardeep Johal; Senior Assistant Director, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Singapore

Steve worked with me during our time together at TMS. I found Steve to be a lateral thinking executive that is manically focused on how to make things possible. Indeed Steve taught me many techniques on how to leverage resources to achieve the right outcome for all. Steve replaced me as GM of TMS when I moved onto IBM. He is a wonderful asset to any company looking for breakthrough thinking sales and marketing execution.
John Bedwany; CEO, The Database Dept., Australia

Steve was a great help to our organisation, providing valuable insight with his analytical mind and “Devil’s Advocate” approach. We were able to incorporate his strategies into our business model which proved beneficial and also gained results from his marketing and sales expertise. Steve is highly recommended to help executives make better and more informed decisions.
Stefan Carey; CEO, Big Access Media, Australia

I have the good fortune to have met Steve Hall when IBS acquired his company in Australia.  Rarely in my life have I met an individual more hard working and as passionate as Steve is.  He is a tireless individual whose evangelical commitment to his product and industry provided unparalleled support to those of us around the world who needed his domain expertise.  Steve is a very skilled, well-rounded executive.  He is a clever marketer, a tactically strategic salesman, and a detailed technician who strives for mastery, regardless of the subject matter he is faced with.  His passion extends to the relationships he maintains with colleagues and customers alike.
John Taylor; President Americas, IBS, USA

I worked with Steve during an implementation of Bookmaster across Asia. It was the toughest assignment I’ve ever had and Steve was a life line on the end of the phone. He understood the challenges, the politics and delivered while bringing humour and sanity. We went on to work on other business cases and I came to realise that Steve is a all round great guy who cares about what he is selling and if it’s going to work for you. I would happily recommend him and would also love to work with him again.
Kate Beverly; VP Program Management, Pearson, UK

Steve has demonstrated, by his many successes, the ability to think creatively to produce an outcome that works for all concerned.  He combines his deep industry knowledge with creative thinking to successfully manage large, complex global sales engagements.  Steve is also a great mentor and shares his knowledge generously.
Anne Barritt; Associate Director, KPMG, Australia

Steve & I worked closely together on sales cases both local and international during my time at IBS Australia.  Since my move to the North American arm of IBS, to help establish IBS Bookmaster as a global leader of integrated business solutions for the book publishing and distribution industries, I continue to work with Steve  from time to time on global accounts.    Steve is a highly entertaining and enjoyable person to spend time with.  These are skills he puts to good use in the relationships that he builds with people at all levels within the IBS organisation and with individuals, external to IBS, in the book industry as a whole.  Among Steve’s many strengths is his ability to understand and articulate business concepts and his willingness to react quickly to customer needs.    From a mentoring perspective, Steve has always taken the time to constructively feedback on work that I have done with him and, when appropriate, has given me valuable advice and insight into possible opportunities or directions for my own career.
Andy Lancaster; ERP Account Director, Oracle, UK

In his capacity of International Sales and Marketing Manager at TMS and then Global Account Manager at IBS Steve was intimately involved in many facets of small and large international projects, from the pre-sales phase all the way through to contract finalisation, customer support and service level agreements. This experience, and his extensive knowledge of the Publishing industry, meant that his opinion and assistance during implementations were highly valued by both the project team and the customer, and made his presence on various executive steering committees indispensable. Combine this with exceptional professionalism, a practical approach, an unwavering commitment to the product and a very strong customer focus and you have an outstanding Global Account Manager who was highly respected and trusted by our clients.
Dolien Nicolasen; Senior Project Manager, Salesforce, Australia

I have had a great experience working with Steve on a number of projects. He has an outstanding depth of experience in sales, sales management and consulting. I am often amazed at the results Steve achieves. He is one of the best sales prospecting people I have ever known.  I would recommend Steve to anybody who was looking for leadership, coaching and mentorship in the B2B sales arena.
John Smibert; CEO, Strategic Selling Group, Australia

Steve has a wealth of knowledge regarding the sales and marketing process. He has the ability to communicate and work with people from all levels of the spectrum up to the highest board level. Steve successfully won and nurtured a number of large international contracts. Steve’s dedication and passion to his work along with his analytical and strategic thinking capabilities make him a real asset.
Rodney Elder; Executive Vice President, Virtusales Publishing Solutions, USA

Steve was a great help to our organisation, providing valuable insight with his analytical mind and “Devil’s Advocate” approach. We were able to incorporate his strategies into our business model which proved beneficial and also gained results from his marketing and sales expertise. Steve is highly recommended to help executives make better and more informed decisions.
Derek Otten, COO, Big Access Media, Australia

Steve challenges everything, breaks a lot of processes and works well with all involved to come up with the best way to do things. It’s a pleasure to work alongside Steve. He has helped me immensely to make complex solutions relevant and simple to the end user – Steve is a real customer centric thinker. In the sales, marketing or operations consulting world, I would recommend Steve to any business who would like to do things better, faster and with more laughs.
Ashlee Marcuccio, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce, Australia

Steve has done an elegant piece of work for us and helped us refine our message superbly. He showed a remarkable acuity and was able to deliver a bespoke service to us which reflected our business model, our stage in our life cycle and provided the lighting on the roadmap to where we are heading. He understands the challenges companies face in attracting new business and helps to demystify the process in order to achieve quantifiable results.
Alex Boyd; Head of Logistics, Sofihub, Australia